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Outstanding laundry results that will save your care home time, energy and money

Laundry places a significant demand on resources within a care home, particularly if the products used are ineffective and productivity, linen quality and the life of the machines become compromised due to repeat washing and ironing. CareHomeLife provide tailored solutions that achieve outstanding cleaning results the first time, improving efficiencies across care homes, saving time, energy and costs.

A comprehensive laundry solution

Unique to CareHomeLife, our end-to-end laundry solution delivers an organised and effective process that exceeds the expectations of residents, carers, care homes and regulators. Our method is proven to deliver significant improvements and efficiencies across the following areas:

Pre-laundry: Ensuring safe, hygienic handling and sorting of soiled linen that meets infection control criteria

Laundry: Washing and drying in the most efficient manner, consistently delivering exceptional results

Post-laundry: Organisation and redistribution of clean linen in a personalised way, saving time and contributing to outstanding care

High performance auto-dosing

Auto-dosing systems play an integral part in the CareHomeLife laundry solution. Accurate, highly-concentrated dosing liquids deliver a consistent, exceptional clean, reducing wash times and temperatures, effectively disinfecting linens and delivering stain removal that is second to none. The gentle but highly effective pH neutral system also has a positive impact on residents through reducing skin allergies and leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Additional benefits include a 75% reduction in the replacement of white linen items, a 50% reduction in the replacement of coloured linen items, time-saving due to less washes being needed, a reduced energy cost by washing at lower temperatures and reduced machine maintenance costs.

Exceptional benefits to resident, carer and care home 

The cleaning products used in the laundry system are gentle but highly effective. They ensure cleanliness and comfort for the resident, saving time and reducing manual handling issues for the carer, whilst minimising human error, plus reducing energy use and machine maintenance which each contribute to remarkable cost savings for the home.

“Grey towels and clothes were brought back white again, Chefs Whites which are normally difficult to clean had improved stain removal, were whiter and appeared newer.”

Laundry Staff, Nursing Home, Bentley UK

Get in touch today. Our friendly team are ready to help and advise you on all aspects of laundry products and solutions, with the goal of helping to improve care standards, whilst driving down operating costs; never compromising on product quality.


We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care home solutions by supplying world class products and services so that care homes have all the necessary tools to deliver outstanding care.

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