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Helping care homes to be outstanding

At CareHomeLife we’re passionate about the provision of outstanding care and work with care homes to help you achieve this. Being outstanding is a holistic process. The value of a product, service of procedure cannot be assessed in isolation. We want to be sure that our clients have access to as much of our expertise as possible when chasing their goal of being outstanding. We believe that providing a complimentary evaluation gives us the opportunity to do that.

As a free of charge service, a member of the CareHomeLife team can visit your organisation to assess whether you are utilising your consumables efficiently and cost-effectively. By observing your work flow procedures, environment and challenges we can suggest changes to help improve care and make costs savings, whilst utilising high quality products and solutions.

If a complimentary evaluation would be useful for your organisation, please get in contact with the CareHomeLife team by completing the form below. We can work together to provide outstanding care.

“Partnering is key, working alongside the team in-house is paramount to ongoing success, ongoing development in quality and our ultimate aim of driving care standards to a level where we can be proud as a nation, proud to see our loved ones living the quality of life we expect from our providers.”

Eddy Fishwick, Chairman of CareHomeLife.


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We provide the necessary product training and support to ensure customers are able to drive down costs and improve efficiencies without compromising care standards.

Operational support is provided to all customers which includes hassle-free online ordering with one click repeat orders, stock control, budget management and manager approval systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care home solutions by supplying world class products and services so that care homes have all the necessary tools to deliver outstanding care.

Recognising the value of our ongoing partnerships with care homes, CareHomeLife encourages membership of our online loyalty reward scheme, ensuring care homes benefit from each transaction.