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At CareHomeLife we understand the challenges faced in running today’s care homes. Our intent is to positively influence the social care industry through the provision of high quality products, systems and solutions for the private care sector. That is why we have created a portfolio of product and service solutions to help a care home improve the quality of the working environment and quality of life for residents.

Straightforward, cost-effective solutions you can trust:

  • Incontinence Care Solution
  • Professional Cleaning & Laundry Solutions
  • Consultancy service to highlight potential long-term savings that will impact across the entire organisation.

Our tailored solutions save time, operating costs and most importantly of all improve the overall wellbeing of residents themselves, addressing issues like skin integrity and infection control. The long-term benefits are evidenced through a multitude of efficiencies such as reduction of clinical waste; streamlining of the ordering process; and through the use of the correct products, free up staff to do more with their time.

With our expert advice, dedicated training and continuous support care homes can easily introduce efficient, effective systems to enable them to provide an outstanding level of care.


We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care home solutions by supplying world class products and services so that care homes have all the necessary tools to deliver outstanding care.

We provide the necessary product training and support to ensure customers are able to drive down costs and improve efficiencies without compromising care standards.

Operational support is provided to all customers which includes hassle-free online ordering with one click repeat orders, stock control, budget management and manager approval systems.

Recognising the value of our ongoing partnerships with care homes, CareHomeLife encourages membership of our online loyalty reward scheme, ensuring care homes benefit from each transaction.

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